June, 2013 NEFI Energy Expo features Bioheat® as prominent business and technical agenda


Waltham, MA: New England Fuel Institute and Bioheat® have released the advance schedule for a series of financial, marketing, consumer logistics, and technical aspects for Bioheat® fuel product to be held in conjunction with the 2013 NEFI Energy Expo, June 11-12, 2013 at the Putnam Clubhouse East Complex, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass., home of Super Bowl aspirants New England Patriots.

NEFI President and CEO, Michael Trunzo, and Bioheat®’s coordinatoor and spokesperson, Paul Nazzaro, President, The Nazzaro Group, joined in the announcement as Bioheat® initiated a major marketing campaign in the Northeast this heating season. Bioheat® seminars will be free of charge to Expo attendees. The website for 2013 NEFI Energy Expo is http://www.nefienergyexpo.com/

The advance seminar listing, times and Expo days to be announced:

Bioheat®, A Fuel Dealer’s Perspective, for over a decade fuel dealers have been inundated with all the reasons why Bioheat is a fuel for the future. Now learn what dealers like you have said about Bioheat. You will gain insight on your associate’s opinions for the fuel, its promises and limitations.

Presenting: Joe Ciccarello, CPA, MST, Managing Partner, Gray, Gray, & Gray

Preparing to Market and Sell Bioheat®, Successful and effective Bioheat marketing requires an ongoing and consistent commitment by the Bioheat distributor. The Bioheat value added proposition enables the fuel distributor the opportunity to dramatically improve their company’s product image and build a 21st century outreach message within their respective communities.

Presenting: Michael Devine, CEO, Earth Energy Alliance and Representing AmeriGreen, N.E. Sales & Marketing Representative

Biodiesel Industry Update, A National Perspective, The NBB is the national trade association representing America’s first Advanced Biofuel. The group works to create sustainable biodiesel industry growth through education, communication, governmental affairs, technical and quality assurance programs. Serving as the coordinating body for research and development in the U.S., the National Biodiesel Board is comprised of state, national, and international feedstock and feedstock processor organizations, biodiesel suppliers, fuel marketers and distributors, and technology providers. Learn firsthand what the future holds for biodiesel and Bioheat®.


Greg Anderson, NBB Governing Board, Ex-Officio Nebraska Soybean Board

Donnell Rehagen, CEO National Biodiesel Board

Paul Nazzaro, President, the Nazzaro Group

Securing Approvals for ‘Legacy Safe” Blends of Bioheat

A coordinated effort between the National Biodiesel Board and the National Oilheat Research Alliance has been hard at work for better than eighteen months to develop and prioritize the technical efforts needed to achieve approval of higher blends up to 20% in home heating oil. Join the BTSC representatives as they reveal their strategies being used to succeed.

Presenting: Dr. Tom Butcher, Invited

Steve Howell, Technical Director, National Biodiesel Board, Invited

Vic Turk, Beckett Engineering, Invited

John Huber, President, National Oilheat Research Alliance

Service Technician Ambassador Training, The typical technician will work 200 days per year while completing 7 calls a day. During that time he will be exposed to approximately 1500 consumer annually. With this type of exposure to the consumer it is imperative to empower the technician to deliver a Bioheat message consistent with positive change. Join our trainer to take the first step towards understanding the fuel and most important learn how to create a ‘talk track” that resonates with your customers.

Presenting: Robert Cerio, President, Ocean State Energy Services


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