OESP Brings Home Comfort Specialist Academy to CT


OESP (National Association of Oil & Energy Service Professionals) presents the Home Comfort Specialist Academy, a program designed for busy salespeople and those identifying sales opportunities, including customer service representatives and technicians.

Ralph Adams, Education Co-Chair of OESP states, ‘The intent of this program is to give the audience just enough technical knowledge so they gain the confidence to sell more equipment and in turn, have happier customers.” 

There will be a two-part, full-day Academy workshop on Monday, July 29 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the ICPA School (10 Alcap Ridge, Cromwell, CT 06416). This module will be about selling more products and higher efficiency equipment.

Ralph Adams will deliver the morning session. Ralph is the Service Manager for Parker Fuel and responsible for sales in his company. He will walk you through what a customer expects from an energy sales professional. For instance, your customer may ask you to quote on the replacement of their tired, old boiler, but what they might prefer are options. If you don’t add different options to your quote, it’s likely they won’t ask you to add other parts like a humidifier or air cleaner. 

Participants in this workshop will look at the entire home ‘ not just one piece of equipment. You will gain insight into what type of discussions you should be having with customers. You’ll also learn more about how these systems work and how to save energy and improve customer comfort.

After lunch, Tim Begoske, Director of Training for Field Controls, will present his Healthy Home System workshop. This workshop will keep your company competitive. You will learn the categories of IAQ and how to determine which solutions to recommend. Stop missing the boat by leaving money on the table for the big box stores to capture. They are your customers. This session will point out opportunities to earn additional revenue for your company.

The cost to attend this full-day workshop is $99.00.  Register by visiting www.thinkoesp.org or calling 888-552-0900.


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