Vermont Low-Sulfur Fuel Requirement Starts July 1

A law requiring lower sulfur content in heating oil enacted in a 2011 law goes into effect July 1.

The law titled the Vermont Energy Act of 2011  creates a slew of new rules for home heating by oil, propane and wood pellets. 

Fuel providers must cut 1,500 ppm worth of sulfur from their supply, reducing typical oil from 2,000 ppm to 500 ppm.  The law requires another drop in 2018 down to just 15ppm.

The goal of the new law is to deliver cleaner, more-efficient fuel, but the debate on whether or not the lower sulfur fuels can lead to corrosion continues.

According to the news station Fox44’s website, more than half of Vermont residents use heating oil to fuel their home.

The law is similar to legislation passed across New England. 

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