TruTech Tools Offers Blue House Energy Building Science Basics Online Training

Building Science Basics develops a working knowledge using the house-as-a-system approach, detailing how the components of a house are affected by the interactions of heat, air and moisture flows, and how those interactions impact air quality and ventilation requirements.


“Our customers need this kind of convenient and affordable learning on demand,” said Bill Spohn, CEO of TruTech Tools. “TruTech believes that on-going training is important not only to customer satisfaction but to employee confidence. Technicians who understand the house-as-a-system approach can better serve their clients and improve the bottom line by providing better solutions to customer needs/complaints and reducing call backs.”


As energy efficiency standards and code requirements continue to change, the building industry needs ways to bring the workforce up to speed quickly, inexpensively, and with as little time off the job as possible. Online learning addresses this major challenge across an industry that has so many different players. Also, for those who are able to attend face-to-face training, Blue House Energy’s online learning prepares them to get maximum value out of the time spent away from work.


The courses are graphically rich, interactive and are designed to fit into busy schedules. There are practice exercises, quizzes and a final exam that leads to a certificate of completion. “Building Science Basics, which qualifies for BPI continuing education credits, is made up of three modules,” said Shawna Henderson, CEO of Blue House Energy. “Each module is broken out into segments that will take between ten and fifteen minutes to complete.”


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