Tremcar Manufactures Aviation Refueler Cargo Tanks

For the past 70 years Tremcar has specialized in tank truck & tank trailer manufacturing for the petroleum industry. Today Tremcar is a supplier to most Canadian Major Oil companies, common carriers, independent dealers and the Department of National Defense. In the past 30 years they have added a long list of satisfied American customers as well as in other countries. Tremcar’s Speciality Vehicle Department is well known for quality aviation refueling units and has been involved in many technological developments in the aviation field. A well-equipped service department handles all servicing requirements for Tremcar tanks and general service work. Quality, workmanship and engineering skills are obvious areas of interest in selecting a manufacturing firm. The Tremcar Aviation Refueler is designed for efficient safe aircraft fueling and defueling at airports where underground hydrant system is not in use. The refueler is designed to incorporate the latest technology, using industry-standard components.


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