NESCAUM Director Marin to Speak at NORA Technical Workshop


Arthur Marin, executive director of Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), will be presenting at the upcoming NORA Technical Workshop to be held in coordination with the Southern New England Energy Conference (SNEEC) at Gurney’s Newport, Newport, R.I., Sept. 18-19, 2017.

Marin represents NESCAUM’s member states in regional, national and international forums and maintains liaisons with federal agencies, other regional organizations, industry and the environmental community. He will describe the pathway that he thinks is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to acceptable levels.

Additionally, the Workshop will present technical progress updates from NORA research-and-development contractors. These include:

  • Babington Technology (air atomizing oil burner)
  • Novatio (Novel oil burners)
  • Stone Mountain Technologies (oil-fired heat pump)
  • Energy Kinetics (combi oil boiler)

Rich Simons, vice president and general manager of Laars Heating Systems, will talk about “Connectivity—Trends, Opportunities and Challenges” which will offer his vision of how the oil industry can evolve in the era of the “Internet of Things.”

Rich Sweetser, Exergy Partners Corp., will speak on the greenhouse gas impacts of biofuels.


Dr. Thomas Butcher, NORA Director of Research, will address work underway at the NORA lab including: biofuels, tankless coil boiler best practices and integrating oil heat and cold climate heat pumps.

Register for the SNEEC and NORA Technical Workshop here.

For more information about NORA and its programs or services, call 703-340-1660 or visit the web site,

NORA was authorized by Congress in 2000 to provide funding that would allow the heating oil industry to provide more efficient and more reliable heat and hot water to consumers. Its main activities are consumer education, professional education, improving energy efficiency and safety, and research.


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