HeatingHelp.com Marks Its 20th Year in Business


HeatingHelp.com is marking its 20th anniversary this year. “HeatingHelp.com,” features a forum called “The Wall,” an online resource for “Heating Answers,” where anyone can ask and answer questions about old and new heating systems, the website says.

Founded in 1997 by Dan and Marianne Holohan, HeatingHelp.com has grown into a vibrant online community and resource for industry professionals and homeowners with over 2.7 million users in the last year, the company says.

“We’ve collected an enormous amount of technical articles, old literature, and searchable conversations between the ‘Wallies,’” Dan Holohan says, referring to those seeking and providing information on The Wall. “It’s a community and a place to go where you can learn and find fellowship.”

Dan and Marianne Holohan have been married for 45 years and in business together for nearly half that time. Dan offered a few tips for working with family, including: “Have a goal, and when you reach it, decide whether you’re going to keep doing what you’re doing at the same pace, or whether you’re going to slow down.” Another tip: “When it’s time, sell your business to your daughter.”

Which is just what the couple did, selling the company to their daughter Erin Holohan Haskell in 2016. “I learned a lot from observing my parents as they worked together,” Haskell says. “They taught me to value relationships over things. They also taught me that everyone has something to teach us—no matter how young or old they may be. When we first started working together, my parents could have brushed off my ideas because I was ‘just a kid’ and told me how the world works. Instead, they gave me an opportunity to prove myself. I recognize and appreciate that.”


Haskell adds, “I’m delighted to celebrate 20 years and look forward to [the business’] continued growth. I plan to keep improving upon the website and adding valuable resources to help others. This is a fantastic community of very smart people and it’s a joy to know them. In time, I plan to pass down all of the lessons I’ve learned to my daughter. And if she is interested when the time comes, welcome her to HeatingHelp.com.”


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