Par for Py: A Fundraiser


Par for Py is set for Aug. 31 at the Brunswick Golf Club in Brunswick, Maine.

In October 2019 Jamie Py, then president of the Maine Energy Marketers Association, suffered a severe stroke, causing him to be unable to work for the foreseeable future. MEMA will be using its annual golf tournament to show its admiration of and appreciation for Jamie Py’s more than 25 years of service to the association and the industry as a whole. Proceeds of the golf tournament will go directly to Jamie Py and the Py family. For many, this will be the most meaningful way to show support and thank Jamie Py for all that he has done. For information and to register, visit

This is a one-time event that has been designed to maximize support for the Py family. Participate in the event or donate to celebrate Jamie Py’s career at MEMA and to show him the gratitude and fellowship he so deserves.


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