R.W. Beckett Extends B20-Approval to Commercial Burners


R.W. Beckett, North Ridgeville, Ohio, announced March 8 that it approved its commercial burners CF375, CF500, and CF800 for use with biodiesel blends up to 20% (D396 for B6-B20).

In September, Beckett approved the AF and AFG model burners and its entire line of tank accessories for use with B20. The B20-ready liquid fuel burners are designed to meet high-efficiency performance demands while reducing emissions to meet carbon reduction goals, the manufacturer said.

Recently, all Cleancut fuel pumps also received UL listing for use with the B6-B20 ASTM grade.

For more information visit www.beckettcorp.com or contact Craig Butler at cbutler@beckettcorp.com.


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