HVAC Parts Shortages Discussed by IDEAL Co-Op


Factors behind delayed shipping and shortages for various HVAC parts, components, and units, including steel-based products, were discussed at IDEAL Energy Cooperative’s second annual meeting via Zoom.

Some of the reasons the cooperative cited for delays included:

Manufacturing impacted by COVID in 2020, now inventory is finally being impacted.

Increased demand for home improvements at More Space Place.

More city dwellers moving into rural areas and retrofitting second homes for more permanent living.


Asian tariff ramifications, impacting many products particularly coming from China.

More than 60 member-owners and supplier/vendor partners participated in IDEAL Energy Cooperative’s second annual meeting via Zoom in late March, with over 200 meetings held during the 90-minute virtual networking event.

 “The networking that we were all able to participate in was spectacular,” says Rita Peilunas of Otodata Fuel Innovation, an IDEAL partner.

IDEAL works with local, privately held energy retailers, to help them manage the ongoing challenges of consolidation from large utilities and national energy corporations. The cooperative helps local providers defend margin, prevent volume erosion, share best-in-class operational expertise, and offers a “Fuel-Local” brand to gain more customers. Member-Owners deliver propane, heating oil, diesel, gasoline, and biofuels, and service equipment that uses those fuels.

In the networking sessions, member-owners were able to connect with their supplier/vendors for assistance with products and services, and for their expertise.

“Despite COVID keeping us from meeting in person, IDEAL delivered on their mission which is to support, sustain, and secure independent retail energy businesses by aggregating resources, elevating Member-Owners by showcasing operational excellence through best practices, and supporting Fuel-Local. We are looking forward to seeing each other in person at our 2022 Annual Meeting,” says Ryan Jackson, IDEAL Board Chair.

Founded in October 2019, IDEAL currently has a Member footprint, along with supplier and vendor partners, throughout New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. IDEAL currently has buying power of more than 248 million gallons of propane, heating oil, diesel, gasoline, and biofuels, as well as more than half a billion dollars in business revenue. IDEAL welcomes new members, suppliers, and vendors. All of the cooperative’s members are privately held, and independently owned and operated.


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