Tremcar Uses Virtual Reality


In its 60th anniversary year, Tremcar has decided to set up a digital project for marketing, inviting people to visit facilities in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Saint Césaire to see how it manufactures tanks sold throughout North America. The technology is also useful for recruitment of the workforce. Candidates have the chance to visit the workplace before even applying.

The company decided to work with Nervus, a start-up in the digital field. Tank trailers cost thousands of dollars. Tremcar’s challenge is to demonstrate the added value it can offer.

“Getting people to visit our facility is unheard of. People from Texas, Indiana and elsewhere in the United States can visit our facilities without having to travel,” Tremcar President Daniel Tremblay said. “The pandemic is still being felt by our customers abroad who have not been vaccinated; they cannot visit our facilities in Canada so virtual reality is becoming a must.” Other digital projects are in development for training purposes and other marketing projects.


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