PPATEC Partners with Hire Heroes USA

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA) announced a new partnership with Hire Heroes USA employment assistance network. The PPA is a not-for-profit trade association representing independent petroleum marketers. Hire Heroes USA partners with businesses across the United States to create and publicize training and employment opportunities for military veterans and spouses as they transition to civilian careers.

PPATEC, PPA’s training arm, currently offers a 10-Week HVAC & Energy Professional Program that offers a curriculum tailored to give Pennsylvania’s veterans the baseline skills needed to secure a job in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy industry.

Through the Hire Heroes USA network, PPATEC program opportunities will be communicated to a wider audience across the Commonwealth.

The 10-Week program offers veterans a significant advantage. PPATEC has been formally approved by the Veterans Administration (VA) to accept GI Bill benefits (payment) from eligible veteran attendees.

This designation now allows PPATEC to enroll a veteran and have their tuition expense paid for through the GI Bill.

PPATEC also has a separate 501(c)(3) scholarship program to assist veterans and other students in completing the program with lower — or zero — out-of-pocket costs.

“Our organization is working to offer our veterans something in addition to gratitude:  an opportunity for a secure future,” said Ted Harris, PPA’s Executive Vice President. “Partnering with Hire Heroes USA will boost the signal to more Pennsylvania veterans, making these opportunities more available to more people.”

Program graduates have an immediate path to a well-compensated career — the average HVAC and energy technician salary in Pennsylvania is $54,740. They also benefit from a pipeline to the workplace: PPA’s network of 400 member companies – many of whom are continually seeking qualified employees to enter into the trade.

Qualified candidates are highly sought in the industry, where in some cases the average field technician is now 50+ years old. Currently, 2,000+ positions are open across the state.

Based in Middletown, Pa., PPATEC is the technical education center for the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association (PPA). The training offerings available through PPATEC are specifically tailored for energy marketers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Member companies contribute to coursework to help design training programs that offer students a direct, hands-on learning experience that results in strengthening the professional skills of their employees and to ensure they maintain proper industry certification.

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