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Alternative Fuel

A Well Planned Emergency Boiler Retrofit

Submitted By Dan Vastyan The heating system at Sierra Grande K-12 school in Fort Garland, Colo., was struggling. Of the three old, 1.8 million BTU boilers in the mechanical room, one had been down for quite some time. Another caught fire early in the heating season. It was then– when only one unit remained–that school administrators decided it was time ...

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The 2015 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo Recap

The end of 2014 delivered two powerful shocks to the transportation fuels sector. First, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries refused to decrease production to offset reduced demand, leading to the lowest oil prices in years. Then, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it would finish the year without setting annual federal renewable fuels volume requirements for gasoline and ...

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A Matter of Degrees: How Tank Temp affects Bacteria Growth

By Stephen Bennett A sharp difference in the temperature of fuel in a large tank and fuel being added to that tank can spell w-a-t-e-r, reported Brian Savage of Savage Associates, a bulk plant system designer based in Martinsville, N.J. “If there is a major difference in the temperature between B100 and diesel fuel or heating oil we see a ...

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NBB: Biodiesel Quality Exceeds Specs in Testing

Quality concerns have long been addressed with bioproducts, and the appropriate testing ensures they meet common standards with other products. That is the case with lubricants, and, of course, that is the case with fuel. Testing of fuel from more than 30 randomly selected retail stations throughout Minnesota showed biodiesel blends exceeding quality parameters set by the industry, according to ...

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Do You Want to be Known as an Oil Dealer or Comfort Provider?

By Philip J. Baratz We have a number of clients who have chosen to stick with the path that their grandfather trail blazed two generations ago, by selling heating oil to homeowners, along with installing and servicing the heating equipment. We have others who have rapidly diversified to the point where, as one of our clients put it, “if it’s a ...

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B20 in the freeze

There has always been an issue with heating oil (and diesel) and the winter. Adding biofuel to the mix does change things, but how much?

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