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API: Administration’s Policy Shuns American Consumers, National Security, and Weakens Energy Future


Inconsistent with the will of American voters, governors and members of Congress who overwhelmingly support offshore oil and natural gas exploration and development. “The decision appeases extremists who seek to stop oil and natural gas production which would increase the cost of energy for American consumers and close the door for years to creating new jobs, new investments and boosting ...

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NORA Revises Gold Technicians’ Certification


Oilheat service technicians wishing to upgrade their NORA Silver Certification to the prestigious Gold level now have a revised and updated Gold program to follow. To achieve Gold Certification status, a Silver Certification is a prerequisite and the technician must successfully complete four of eight Gold certification topic modules. Currently, six of the eight modules are available for credit including ...

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Berks-Schuylkill Oil Heat Association Donates $4,500 to the Salvation Army


The Berks-Schuylkill Oil Heat Association donated $4,500 to both the Berks and Schuylkill County Salvation Army on Feb. 18, 2016, with each corps receiving half of the total donation. Since 2006, the BSOHA annual charitable donation has directly helped the heating needs of local residents to a total contribution of $50,540. Kevin Polito,Pottsville Corps; Mary Metzger Pottsville Corps; Tony Calafaty,  ...

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AEC: Utility Charges Ratepayers Extra Because the Weather Was Warm


December 2015 was unusually warm on New York’s Long Island, so a local natural gas utility is imposing a surcharge on customers to help make up for a revenue shortfall caused by reduced energy sales, according to a News 12 Long Island article. The station reported that the utility PSEG will charge customers a “revenue decoupling adjustment,” which will raise ...

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API Applauds House Workforce Bill to Promote Diversity in the Energy


The American Petroleum Institute strongly supports House passage of HR 4583, “To promote a 21st century energy and manufacturing workforce”. The bill will urge collaboration among federal and state governments, educational institutions, industry, and labor to encourage and promote diversity in the energy industry. “America is the No.1 producer of oil and natural gas in the world, and we need ...

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NORA Embarks On a $1 Million Consumer Outreach Program


Using the internet and social media to bring a half-million visitors to its consumer website The decade from 2004 through 2014 was one of the most challenging ever for the oilheating industry. Warm winters, high and volatile fuel prices and strong political and environmental movements against hydrocarbon fuels all converged to make a difficult time for both heating oil suppliers ...

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American Energy Coalition Launches New Website


The American Energy Coalition (AEC) has unveiled its newly updated website, www.AmericanEnergyCoalition.com. Now viewable across virtually all computer and smart device platforms, the site was reconstructed using a responsive design that allows each page’s text, images and videos to be displayed on screens of any size. The result is a website that is more accessible, functional and favorable to Google’s ...

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Wesroc® Introduces Residential Cellular Tank Monitor


Independent Technologies, Inc. announces the WESROC Remote Monitoring System’s new economical Residential Cellular Tank Monitor (RTM). This unit monitors propane and refined fuel tank levels.  The unit checks the tank every minute for instant event reporting of low and critically low levels and tank fills.  Instant alerts are sent when the monitor reaches preset levels and all tanks report at ...

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Wohler USA Launches New Product


Wohler USA announced today the release of the new Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer, part number —-.The Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer is a gas leak detector for the tightness control and for the leakage testing of gas tubes. The advantages of the Wohler GS 300 Gas Sniffer are a meter that shows the concentration of methane and propane on ...

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Westmor Industries, LLC. Purchased Advanced Tank Systems, Inc.


Westmor Industries, LLC, recently acquired Advanced Tank Systems, Inc. to create an extended network of fuel-handling products and services.  Aside from providing their customers with an extended product portfolio, the companies have strengthened their purchasing power, expanded service capabilities and improved lead times with united manufacturing efforts. The companies also benefit from each other’s experienced management group who encourage new ...

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