NEFI Lobbies for Freedom of Energy Choice

Protecting consumer choice was the subject of discussions between NEFI Executive Committee members and members of Congress, the industry group reports in the Nov. 14 issue of NEON, its newsletter.

The committee met for an all-day strategic planning session Nov. 8 at the historic Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill. Strategic planning is a structured process where an association’s leaders evaluate current programs and activities contrasted against emerging challenges and opportunities. The goal is charting a bold vision and executable goals to guide the organization’s priorities and growth over 3-5 years.

NEFI’s executive committee is in the final stages of this vital process, building on three months of survey data, benchmarking, and visioning. Last week’s intensive session generated a wide array of recommendations that will be instrumental as NEFI continues to provide critical services, benefits, and advocacy for heating fuel dealers and home comfort providers nationwide.

The committee will finalize a draft strategic plan in the coming weeks for presentation to the full NEFI Board of Directors on December 5, 2023. NEFI Chairman Ray Hart of Hart Home Comfort was credited for “inspired leadership.” Other Executive Committee members who attended include Daniel Falcone of Approved Oil, Doug Woosnam of Cetane Associates, Diane Quesnelle of the Energy Marketers Association of Rhode Island, Mike Estes of Estes Oil & Propane, Kevin Beckett of R.W. Beckett Corporation, Anthony Silecchia, Jr. of Petro-Star Group, and Catherine Erasmus of Taylor Energy. NEFI team members Sean Cota, Lisa Avery, Jessica Levaggi and Jim Collura also attended.

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