Talking the talk – Oil Tech Talk opens new Training Center with first Oilstock

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For several years, Oil Tech Talk’s Alan Mercurio has traveled throughout the United States bringing training and consulting to many companies within the oilheating industry. Mercurio’s services are often utilized by well-known companies and organizations such as R.W. Beckett, Honeywell Corporation, Kosco (Kingston Oil Service Company) and the National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers.

Mercurio, who was named Associate of the Year during May’s NAOHSM Convention & Trade Show, will be doing a little less traveling, however, thanks to a long-time student and friend, Scott Lutz of G. Scott Lutz Heating and Air Conditioning.

Just over a year ago, Lutz purchased a beautiful home in Hamburg, Pa. When he saw the two-car garage with a very large room above attached to the house, his vision began. He knew in his heart he was looking at the new Oil Tech Talk Training Center. That’s when he contacted Mercurio.

The two got together and started making plans, and soon after the work began and the donations of equipment started to flow in from various manufacturers like EFM, Buderus, R.W. Beckett, OnWatch Electronics, Dan Holohan, Therma-Flow Inc., Firedragon Enterprises and many others.

When the center was ready to open, another of Mercurio’s good friends within the industry, Frank Wilsey (Steamhead), shared a great idea. He said for years many visitors to had been asking for Mercurio to put together an event much like Holohan’s Wetstock. An event where everyone could gather for a day to share knowledge with each other and get to know each other on a greater personal level. Combined with the grand opening at the Training Center and it was sure to draw a crowd.

Well, Wilsey was right. On June 24, Oil Tech Talk held it’s first OilStock event that included a Grand Opening celebration of the Training Center and a raffle to raise money for the Oil Heat Cares Foundation. About 50 Folks traveled from great distances just to spend the day with their fellow technicians that they have come to know so well through

When asked how far friends had come from, Mercurio proudly smiled. Over there was Jack Gustafson from Glennallen, Alaska, and over there was Glenn Harrison from Round Lake Beach, Ill. And over there was John Cotton and Lynn Kahoon from Kinston, N.C. And there were Leo Janssens and Ed Wallace from Massachusetts, Bill Tice from upstate New York, TommyOil from New Jersey.

Not only had these friends paid to be there to share their knowledge and friendships with each other, but when it was announced that the raffle for Oil Heat Cares would be starting theses folks did not hesitate to reach into their pockets. Mercurio said they were throwing 20s at him like there was no tomorrow. Because of their kindness and willingness to help others, $645 was raised with every penny of it going to Oil Heat Cares.

So, when will the classes begin at the new Training Center? Very soon, said Mercurio. Just watch your mail and supply houses for flyers and registration forms. And if you want to beat the crowds, keep your eyes on where the first announcements will be made.

Will there be another OilStock event held in the future? You can count on it, with plans already being made for next year.

To quote TommyOil: “Next year will be here before you know it. I have a feeling that after all of the positive feedback, we’ll be needing a bigger tent. I can see it now … OilStock under the Big Top.”
For more information on how you can register for Oil Tech Talk workshops and next years OilStock, contact Alan R. Mercurio at or visit

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