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Kenneth M. Nelson, president of Nelson & Small, is seated at left, next to David Small, COO and CFO of Nelson and Small. Peter LaRose, senior vice president, is at the right of Small and David Baker, training director of Lochinvar, is behind Nelson. Eastern New England sales manager Patrick Miller is at left with eyeglasses and necktie. This group shot is of the attendees at Nelson & Small’s December seminar that introduced the Lochinvar Knight Boiler to the area’s contractors/installers.

Nelson & Small introduces Knight Boiler line from Lochinvar with customer seminar

For over 20 years, Nelson & Small of Portland, Maine, has been one of the country’s largest distributors of high-efficiency, direct-vent comfort heating and water-heating systems. The company will now promote and support the Knight Boiler from Lochinvar Corporation. This is an addition to Nelson & Small’s product offerings of Monitor, Inc. K-1 and gas heating systems, Toyotomi USA K-1 and No. 2 oil heaters and water heaters, Napoleon cast-iron gas stoves and Rinnai gas-fired heaters, water heaters and direct-vent fireplaces.

In mid-December more than 50 plumbing, heating and HVAC contractors/installers attended the first of several rollout seminars sponsored by Nelson & Small for the launch of the Lochinvar Knight Boiler line.

‘The Knight condensing boiler is our next step in offering high-efficiency direct-vent appliances to our customers, the trained professional who installs and services heating appliances in six states,” said Kenneth M. Nelson, president of Nelson & Small, Inc. ‘We believe the heating industry is at a critical juncture with the pressure to reduce greenhouse gases and combat global warming by reducing fuel consumption and promoting and installing low carbon-dioxide and NOx-emitting systems.”

David Baker, director of training at Lochinvar Corporation, at left, and Andrew Pratt, president of FIA, center, confer and plan with Peter LaRose, Nelson & Small senior vice president about the content of the presentation on Lochinvar’s Knight Boiler.

‘Professional heating appliance installers have to help build energy self-reliance in the Northeastern states and need to replace oversized and outmoded heating appliances with higher efficiency, modern units,” added David Baker, training director for Lochinvar, Inc.

Baker introduced the seminar attendees to the installation and maintenance features of the Knight Boiler. The unit comes in eight different sizes and is made of 316L Marine-grade stainless steel in the United States. It has a 5-to-1 turndown ratio, an ‘H” stamp an will accept PVC direct venting up to 100 feet.

‘The Knight condensing boiler is the first packaged water-heating system, the first direct-vent commercial-duty boiler and the first with an ASHRAE-approved storage tank,” explained Baker.

Lochinvar is one of two facilities in the United States that has both AGA and CSA testing facilities. This allows products to be tested and AGA- or CSA-approved in one to two weeks, rather than five to six weeks. When a product has to be shipped to another location, an indirect water heater will be marked in the first quarter and its trade name will be ‘Squire.”

‘Now that we have very high efficiencies and tighter and tighter houses, installers need to size the heating appliances according to the heating load called for by the structure,” Andrew Pratt, vice president of FIA, said during the seminar.

More than 50 contractor/installer/customers of Nelson & Small from New England and Upstate New York attended the Lochinvar rollout of the Knight Boiler at Nelson & Small’s headquarters in Portland, Maine, in December.

He went on to explain that each installation should have a heat-loss analysis done for proper sizing of the appliance installed. Simply replacing one aging or ineffective boiler or furnace with a newer appliance without getting a heat-loss calculation done can lead to overspending on the size of the new appliance. A design temperature based on O degrees and 75,000 BTUs is only used for a fraction of the heating season.

Nelson and Small is celebrating its 71st year in business and the company employs 50 people serving the sales territories of New England and Upstate New York. For more information, you can visit www.nelsonsmall.com.

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