Affordable, Straightforward, Clean, Efficient and Sustainable Energy Generated by Solar Power

To date the use of simple open-loop solar technology to heat water in homes, has not only been expensive, but also limited to the warmer coastal regions of the North Island – where the air temperature rarely drops below 3°C.

Now thanks to Rinnai’s Draining technology the whole country can benefit from affordable, straightforward, clean, efficient and sustainable energy generated by solar power, without having to worry about the temperature outside. Tolerant and guaranteed to -15°C Draining is a new frost resistant Tank kit that can be installed in addition to standard solar panels.

With the Draining system, when the temperature at the hot sensor drops to 4°C, the water from the panels, and all exposed piping, drains out of the panels. When the temperature rises above 9°C the panels are refilled. When there is a power outage the draining function is automatically activated ‘ a clever and fail-safe feature that ensures panels are protected in power outages.

The draining system also doubles as an easy solution for panels which overheat, ensuring the temperature of the hot water leaving the collector is less than 110°C. (Although overheating won’t damage panels, the sound of water boiling on the roof can be disconcerting).

Sales and marketing manager for Rinnai NZ, David Waters commented, ‘Incredibly easy to install and maintain, the Draining feature really does make solar hot water a simple and viable option for all New Zealanders. As a company committed to efficient, sustainable and smart water heating solutions we are continuously evolving and improving solar hot water technology, introducing new features to make it more affordable and accessible.”

The new glass lined storage tanks for example, are now a much more affordable solar option over our original
premium stainless steel tanks. In fact the glass lined tanks now make solar so affordable that it really has become a very viable option for Kiwi’s all over the country.”

For more information on the benefits of Rinnai Solar heating and the Drain Down feature please call 800 RINNAI or visit

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