Steve Abbate Rolls Out Cetane Associates, LLC

Steven Abbate has left his position as manager of business development for Griffith Energy Services, Inc. to pursue his consulting business on a full-time basis. Abbate has over two decades of experience in the fuel industry and is best known for work in home heating oil company acquisitions. Abbate has been directly involved in Griffith’s

acquisition of 34 companies over the past three years and 51 companies in his career.  While working in the acquisition market, Steve has performed financial analysis on over 300 retail businesses. Abbate is active in several industry organizations including MAPDA, VPCGA, ICPA (board of directors) and NEFI (’08 Visions Track chairman).

“The goal of Cetane Associates is to assist business owners in growing their businesses and making them more profitable,” said Abbate. ‘We also have the expertise and knowledge to prepare and position companies for business transitions.  I have had the unique opportunity to be an eyewitness to what has made businesses succeed and fail.  The successes need to be shared so our industry and its business owners can prosper.”  For more information contact:  (410)-404-3199

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