Peterbilt launches new interior designs for its on-highway and vocational trucks

Peterbilt introduced their new lineup of interior enhancements developed for on-highway and vocational trucks.  The new designs are included on all interior levels including the Platinum interior for the ultimate in luxury, Prestige for contemporary and cost-efficient operation, and ProBilt for customers who demand rugged efficiency.

The new series of interior enhancements available on Peterbilt Models 386, 384, 389, 388, 367 and 365 feature a contemporary dash design that utilizes an ‘in-mold” process that embeds color directly into the dash material rather than requiring an add-on finish.  This advanced production process virtually eliminates fading, peeling and color degradation.  Additionally, all new interiors are equipped with a new HVAC system providing excellent overall cab heating and cooling.

To complement the new dash interior designs, Peterbilt has enhanced its Premium UltraRide and UltraRide seats with coordinated colors and new fabric patterns.  The new seats are available as options on Platinum, Prestige and ProBilt interiors and provide customers with the latest technology in comfort, adjustability and ergonomic support. And for those looking to further personalize their truck cabin, considering truck seat covers to protect and enhance these premium seats would be a natural choice. These covers not only help in preserving the longevity of the seats but can also add a touch of individuality and style to the interior, making the driving experience even more enjoyable.

‘Our new interiors were engineered to provide Peterbilt’s customers enhancements in esthetic design with the latest in material and color matching technology,” said Larry Reding, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager, Sales and Marketing.  ‘The striking new colors and interior enhancements make a bold statement that Peterbilt is the Class of the industry.”

The new interiors are available in three options:


The Platinum interior features new top-of-dash panels in a striking dark charcoal color that is scratch resistant, reduces driver glare and is less likely to fade or show dirt.  The lower dash panels are constructed of elegant woodgrain.  The interior offers an ergonomic environment with conveniently placed window, lock and mirror controls, LED backlit gauges to reduce driver fatigue and a powerful new HVAC system for improved overall air conditioning performance.  The Platinum interior also features highly contoured premium door pads, a GPS Navigation system and the ConcertClass® audio system.


The Prestige interior features new top-of-dash panels in a charcoal color that reduces driver glare, is easier to clean and less likely to scratch, while the lower dash panels are perfectly matched to the cab’s interior color.  The Prestige interior features ergonomic enhancements such as LED backlit gauges that reduce driver fatigue, easy-to-reach rocker switches, and a multi-function turnstalk.  The Prestige interior provides drivers year-round convenience and comfort.   

Maritime Blue

Saharan Tan

Burgundy Wine


The ProBilt interior features new upper and lower dash panels in a dark charcoal color that is not only easier to clean and shows less scratches and scuffs, but also improves driver visibility due to less glare.  The ProBilt interior features five grab handles, ergonomic pedal package for increased comfort, and the Peterbilt Electronic Service Analyst (ESA) that improves electrical system serviceability by isolating sensors and gauges for the least amount of downtime.  The ProBilt interior provides unmatched durability and optimal productivity for the toughest of jobsites.

The new standard HVAC system utilizes the latest technology for dramatic improvement in heating, cooling and window defrost performance.  Additionally, new controls were designed to provide drivers enhanced control of the cab environment.

‘Each interior features Peterbilt’s new HVAC system which provides a 20 percent improvement in air conditioning performance,” said Landon Sproull, Peterbilt Chief Engineer.  ‘Engineered features that reduce glare, improve HVAC performance and optimize ergonomics will immediately enhance our customers’ overall driving experience.”

Several key design changes were incorporated to enhance HVAC system functionality, including:

Use of a smaller, lighter aluminum evaporator;
A molded door design providing better sealing;
The addition of a third door to the HVAC unit to isolate the heater core from conditioned air;
A new fresh air intake drain design providing enhanced condensate drainage on steep grades;
A redesigned larger air filter which allows for easier access, removal and installation.

To provide customers a range of customization options or a consistent appearance throughout their fleet, PACCAR Parts will offer accessory packages for interior retrofit. 

Peterbilt Motors Company, a PACCAR Inc Company (Nasdaq: PCAR), manufactures premium quality trucks for a wide range of markets, including over-the-road, construction, municipal and medium-duty.  Based in Denton, Texas, Peterbilt combines classic styling, innovative design and superior-quality features in a custom-engineered truck that stands as the “Class” of the industry.  Through its 240-plus North American dealer locations, Peterbilt also provides a comprehensive array of TruckCare® aftermarket support programs, including preventive maintenance plans, expedited QuickCare services, automated parts inventory replenishment and 24/7 complimentary Customer Assistance through 1-800-4-Peterbilt.

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