More than 20 of the nation’s largest independent natural gas exploration and production companies have formed the American Natural Gas Alliance (Washington). The group, which continues to add members, has a singular mission – to increase awareness and appreciation of America’s clean and abundant supply of natural gas among consumers and policy makers.

ANGA appointed veteran product-sector advocacy executive Rodney W. (“Rod”) Lowman as president. Mr. Lowman, who has managed successful organizations for both the plastics and forest products industries, is now establishing the natural gas alliance’s governance structure, public policy priorities and strategic communications initiatives.

“ANGA members comprise approximately 40 percent of total U.S. gas supply, producing about 8 trillion cubic feet per year. Independent natural gas exploration companies have invested in advanced technologies and innovative production techniques to assure that America will have access to abundant supplies of clean, affordable, domestic natural gas,” said Lowman. “Over the last several years, the natural gas industry has found vast deposits of gas in new ‘resource plays.’ Utilizing these resources for our country’s energy needs will help to improve air quality, create thousands of American jobs and reduce our growing dependence on foreign oil. We will work hard to get our message heard by policy makers, end users of our product and the American public.”

“Our mission is to increase market appreciation for American natural gas as the clean, abundant, affordable and dependable solution to the most challenging energy and environmental issues facing the U.S.,” said David A. Trice, president and CEO of Newfield Exploration Company and chairman of ANGA.  “Rod Lowman is uniquely qualified to lead this initiative, given his early years working in natural gas fields and his more than 20 years of experience in effectively leading communication and advocacy programs for other large organizations.”

Recently, Lowman was president of the Abundant Forests Alliance, which effectively promoted the sustainability and renewability of America’s forests and forest products. Previously, he served as president of the American Plastics Council and executive vice president of the American Chemistry Council. Under his leadership, the council led pioneering advocacy and public education campaigns that lifted public opinion of the plastics industry to all-time highs.


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