Show Time 2009


This year there are several trade shows going on, and surely you can make one. There is the Atlantic Region Expo in Atlantic City, NJ from May 5 to May 7, the New England Fuel Oil Convention June 9th and 10th   in Boston, along with the National Oil Heat Service Managers Convention from May 17 to May 21 in Hershey, Pa.

Some owners and technicians might say, ‘The same old thing.” I will generally defend the owners and technicians, but in this case I’m going to say they’re wrong. This is the year that everyone in the HVAC trades should make a conscience effort to attend. Let’s look at some of the reasons why. For one, they are free and in most cases you can pre-register online and avoid standing in long lines on opening show day.

Those of you who have a NAOHSM chapter membership can often find that your chapter will provide bus or van transportation to the convention, a program that is also subsidized by NAOHSM. Just think, no driving, no gas and often a box lunch may be provided for a nominal fee. At these shows, you will be able to attend education and business classes and enjoy seeing a gallery of the latest in HVAC technology.

            Many of you have seen or heard the words think green, GeniSys, hybrid, (I’m not talking about the automobile), biofuels, condensing heating units and many more, but let’s not forget the tax credits. All of these subjects you can see or hear about simply by attending the above mentioned free shows.

In the case of the word hybrid and heating, look for the heating unit that can provide one or two-stage cooling and a single or two stage oil burner and keep an eye out for the low NOx 91 percent AFUE rated boiler that has an oil pump operating in the 290 PSI range. There will be an array of the new solid state controls that can reduce energy cost by as much as 20 percent, reduce pollution and display the actual percentage of energy savings. You will also see controls that can be field programmed to meet those special requirements like adjustable post and pre-purge settings, a control that can replace 11 controls with just one model.

We’ve also talked about and installed radiant for heating, but now you can learn about radiant for cooling also. You can also talk with the manufacturer’s reps about the FABs (features and benefits) of their products and don’t forget to ask about the equipment that falls within the new Energy Efficiency Tax Credit requirements. Our new president has recently signed a bill to increase the energy tax allowance from $150 to $1,500 on equipment with efficiencies of over 90 percent AFUE.

What a great opportunity to sell new equipment and these units will be clearly visible this year during show time. I almost forgot; take a look at the WOW, the World of Wireless! I’m sure that you will also learn more about solar energy and geothermal as well. Bio-heat, it is hear to stay, so ask the experts at the shows about the advantages or disadvantages if you feel there are any. In closing, look beyond the fundamentals and take part in the on cite CEU training seminars and enjoy these show time events.

See you there!




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