Group to tell consumers about natural gas

‘To tell the truth about natural gas” ‘ including that it is mostly methane, a greenhouse gas ‘ is a goal of a new group, the American Energy Coalition, its founders said. Owners and executives of fuel oil companies comprise the Coalition’s executive committee. They are: Michael Anton of HOP Energy; Chris Behrens of Dowling Oil; Neil Bianco of Champion Energy; Dan Donovan of Star Gas/Petro; Martin Romanelli of Romanelli & Son; and Dan Vessio of Nulite Fuel Oil.


The charter of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) prohibits the alliance from comparing fuel oil to competing energy sources to underscore any advantages, but the Coalition would not be subject to such constraints, it said. The Coalition is seeking ‘people and pledges” to support its cause. More information is available at the group’s Web site:

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