Caleffi 5230 Series High Flow Thermostatic Mixing Valves Are NSF Listed to meet ASSE 1070 Standards



Caleffi introduces a new addition to the proven 5230 series high flow thermostatic mixing valve family. These new 5230-1070 series models are designed for ‘point-of-use” applications listed by NSF to meet the ASSE 1070 standard for individual or multiple fixture applications.


Thermostatic mixing valves are used in applications where water users must be protected from the danger of scalding. The Caleffi 5230-1070 series valve models provide water at a safe and usable temperature in situations where hot water is often stored and delivered to outlets at very high temperatures, and where control of the temperature of the water discharging from a terminal fitting is of the utmost importance, i.e., centralized systems like hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc. Their function is to maintain the temperature of the mixed water supplied to the user at a constant set value when there are variations in the supply pressure and temperature of the incoming hot and cold water or in the flow rate. They ensure comfort and safety by providing precise, stable temperature control.


Caleffi’s 5230-1070 models are easy to adjust and maintain with an interchangeable thermostatic cartridge, replaceable check valves and pipe fittings. They maintain set temperatures to +/- 5°F while providing reduced valve response times with a low inertia thermostatic element. They are engineered to quickly stop the flow of mixed water if there’s a failure of either the hot or cold supply. The 5230-1070 valves come standard with inlet port check valves to prevent temperature migration between hot and cold during non-use and lockable, tamper-proof temperature adjustment cap. Chemical nickel plated working parts reduce long-term wear and scaling. 


Caleffi 5230-1070 series brass thermostatic mixing valves come in ¾ and 1-inch sizes with union-threaded and union-sweat end connections. Flow rates for mixed outlet temperature stability range from 2 GPM to 24 GPM.


CALEFFI ‘ Creating innovative, superior performance products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.

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