Taco Variable Speed Delta T Circulators

Variable Speed Delta-T circulators by Taco combine a microprocessor-based variable speed differential controller with the reliability and convenience of Taco’s 00® cartridge circulators. Simply dial in the design delta-T of the system or zone (from 5 – 50°F).  The circulator automatically adjusts its performance to match the system’s ideal BTU/hr output, while reducing fuel consumption 4-5% and eliminating velocity noise.


The all-in-one Taco 00 Delta-T Circulator (00-VDT) includes a snap-in PC board, LED status panel, plug-in low voltage wiring terminal for the two strap-on temperature sensors and an optional integral flow check.  The 00-VDT is wired-in just like any other pump.  Unlike a

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