New Pumping Station Expands Taco’s Solar Product Line

Taco’s newest solar technology combines all the products needed for a closed-loop water heating system into a single, pre-engineered package.  There are just five easy connections to make: two for the solar collector(s), two for the storage tank’s heat exchanger, and one for the expansion tank.  The solar pumping station includes an integral variable speed solar control pump, isolation ball vales, air elimination, flow meter and safety group. 


The unit continually adjusts pump speed to maximize solar collector output, a feature that increases system performance by 20%.  As an example of its operation, the unit does not pull 80° water from the collector(s) if the tank’s set-point is 120°.  If a higher Delta-T is maintained through the collector, then higher source temperatures are achieved over longer periods of time regardless of weather conditions.


Taco’s new solar products work with any solar thermal application, whether drain-back, open loop, or closed loop.  They offer user-definable output for: heat dump, 1 or 2 storage tanks, storage tank supplement or booster pump.  Also the all-in-one design means each Taco product is pre-engineered, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and easy to install. 

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