SUNTEC INDUSTRIES, world leader in pumps for liquid fossil fuels, has developed and is marketing a new modulating pump for burner manufacturers.

This device is model AM 30/40 and can operate a fuel oil burner in the same way as many gas burners.

The principle developed by SUNTEC engineers allows the adjustment of the flame and thus avoids the need to switch on and off the burner several times each hour.

It is possible to achieve a notable decrease in consumption of heating oil and significant reduction of harmful gas emissions.

Alain M. Dessonnaz, Suntec Sales and Marketing Director, said: “With this new concept, we offer the opportunity for burner and boiler manufacturers to develop heating systems saving up to 30% when compared to a conventional installation. Gas emissions with greenhouse effects are also reduced.”

This product will significantly lower energy bills related and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

SUNTEC pumps work with all types of heating oils and kerosene and of course bio fuels.

About the company SUNTEC INDUSTRIES: SUNTEC is a French company whose headquarters are based in Longvic. For many years SUNTEC is the world leader in pumps for liquid fossil fuels

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