MiX telematics’ journey management center (JMC) in dubai sets footprint for U.S. center


MiX Telematics, the global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, and its subsidiary SafeDrive International (SDI) have opened a third Journey Management Center (JMC), which is in Dubai, and is similar to the model being developed in the United States.  JMCs automate the journey planning and management process behind journeys and assist clients in reducing road crashes and losses associated with land transportation.  Integral to this solution is the electronic planning and tracking application, “MiX SafeDrive”, together with a state of the art 24/7 secure monitoring center.


MiX Telematic’s Journey Management Center solution:

·         Processes requests with subject matter experts who are removed from operational pressures

·         Improves Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) processes

·         Challenges the need for each journey to eliminate the chance of unnecessary journeys taking place, thereby reducing the risk


JMC subject matter experts help organizations identify unsafe driver trends, better allocate their resources and assist in the development of client-specific training packages that address areas of improvement.  Recently, a JMC reduced a client’s automobile crash rate by up to 60 percent and realized a 95 percent reduction in costs associated with vehicle damage.


“We’ll use the JMC in Dubai, as well as the other centers in the Middle East, as models for centers we’re planning in North America,” noted Brian McCoy, vice president of sales and marketing at MiX Telematics North America. “The Dubai JMC has allowed MiX to implement processes and solutions that help companies modify driver behavior, prevent crashes as well as increase safety and fuel efficiency.  We’re currently working with Safe Drive International to implement similar JMCs in the U.S. and Canada that will provide the same benefits for companies who operate fleet vehicles throughout North America.”


Journeys are automatically monitored from the stages of planning through approval and dispatch; most importantly taking into consideration the vehicle and passengers’ safe arrival.  Alerts are created if anything out of the ordinary occurs, allowing automated detection of incidents of non compliance with easy and targeted intervention.


The JMC is available on a subscription basis to any client with a vehicle fleet wishing to reduce crashes and improve fleet efficiencies. In addition to Journey Management, the modular framework of this solution also provides for additional support from In Vehicle Monitoring Systems to Defensive Driving and Consultancy Services should they be required.


About MiX Telematics North America

MiX Telematics North America is a dynamic solutions company that helps U.S. and Canadian businesses overcome the toughest fleet management and vehicle tracking challenges.  From proprietary Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) solutions to real-time vehicle tracking, the company successfully implements innovative technology for a broad range of commercial applications within oil & gas, utilities and local service industries.  For more information visit www.mixtelematics.net or contact Brian McCoy at 972-641-6200 or brian.mccoy@mixtelematics.com.


About MiX Telematics

Founded in 1996, MiX Telematics is a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management products and services to consumers and companies of all sizes in over 75 countries on six continents.  The company’s commercial product range ‘ formerly marketed under the VDO brand and sold by Siemens VDO for 10 years ‘ helps fleet owners ensure driver and passenger safety, reduce fleet running and fuel costs, comply with selected industry regulations, and track and protect vehicles and drivers. For more information visit www.mixtelematics.com.


About SafeDrive International

SafeDrive International (SDI), a MiX Telematics subsidiary, was formed in January 2002 after professionals from the field of land transport risk management, fleet management, competency based training and assessment and behavioral psychology aligned.  Since SDI’s inception it has rapidly become a market leader in providing journey management solutions targeting the inherent risks associated with land transport operations, globally. For more information visit www.mixtelematics.ae


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