My Anniversary?



As I sat down to put these words on the paper, it dawned on me that I have been doing so for 11 years now.  Boy, when someone tells you time flies I can attest to that.  In my first writing for this publication, in 1998, I wrote an article titled ‘Total Customer Comfort for 2000 and beyond.”  In it I touched on the idea of homeowners becoming more and more educated when it comes to the heating equipment in their home.  I also mentioned that home heating systems should become more integrated in the home system.  That was 11 years ago!  How many of your customers’ homes are now calling you before the home gets cold?  How many are using heat monitoring devices or outdoor reset?  I hope you all say, ‘Our customers have all had that opportunity.”


We have all seen the advancements in the industry in just the past few years, haven’t we?  What amazing pieces of equipment and what innovations we now have at our disposal.  Products from companies like Carlin Combustion (which was purchased by C. Cowles & Co. of New Haven, CT.), RW Beckett, Weil McLain, Buderus, Energy Kinetics and the many other companies have advanced our industry well into the world starting in 2010.  For example, in 1998 did you think there would be a two stage residential oil burner?  Well, Carlin has it and how about electronic boiler controls, well check out their series 9000 controls.  RW Beckett has been a leader in the field also.  Their AquaSmart boiler control and the GeniSys burner control are just some of the products that even I could not dream of back in ’98.  The innovations have not only to controls.  The new oil burners and boilers are a thing of beauty.  Yeah, I know

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