LEBANON, TN ‘ February 2010 ‘ At the 2010 AHR Expo in Orlando, Lochinvar generated buzz throughout the show with the announcement of three very significant new innovations and initiatives.  Despite the recent and ongoing economic conditions, each of these announcements exemplified Lochinvar’s continued investment in research and development. 

New Squire® Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heaters

            One of the key product innovations Lochinvar shared with show attendees was that the highly successful Squire® Indirect Water Heater line has been expanded upon and enhanced.  A total of 12 stainless steel Squire models will soon be available with capacities between 30 and 119 gallons.  Among the new models will be six solar Squire units, each of which will feature hybrid systems that incorporate solar thermal panels along with a secondary boiler heating coil or electric back-up.  As a result of Lochinvar’s investment in tooling, machinery, robotics and passivation equipment, all Squire units will be manufactured at company headquarters in Lebanon, TN beginning in February 2010.  All Squire models will also carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Solar Thermal Heating Initiative

In addition, Lochinvar announced their Solar Thermal Heating initiative, which is the result of a new partnership with TiSUN® GmbH of Tyrol, Austria.  The partnership between Lochinvar and TiSUN has resulted in a winning team with smart strategies that provide the exact product, training and support that mechanical and plumbing design engineers and contractors need to provide renewable energy solutions for their clients.

As a global leader and specialist in solar heating technology, TiSUN brings years of extensive experience, along with a complete line of innovative products, to the table. The Lochinvar/TiSUN product offering will include solar thermal panels specifically engineered and designed for commercial use, solar thermal storage tanks utilizing a unique design that allows the tank to enhance the efficiency of the system, and the associated pumping stations used to move the solar energy between these devices. 


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