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In March of 2008, Fuel Oil News published one of my articles called ‘Update Procedures.” It had to do with the cold-starting of boilers and the effect that process has on heating systems and chimneys. I’m not going to go over all of it again, if you want to read the full article you can find it in Fuel Oil News archives on-line.


I mentioned back then the mess high-efficiency equipment was making of chimneys and here’s that part of the article again:

Venting is tough except maybe in the dead of winter because the chimney cools during cycles and there is little to no thermal draft present on start-up. Tight combustion heads have helped with off-cycle losses over older oilburners, but they also do their job and reduce the flow of air through the chimney causing the oilburner to have to reheat the chimney every cycle increasing condensation. In the warmer weather, cold-start boilers can wreak havoc with service again due to draft problems.


‘Cold-start, high efficiency boilers, in my opinion, also lead to a lot of damage being done to chimneys and masonry chimney liners that is called spalling

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