Unique MIR sensing technology makes TankScan® remote level-monitoring system accurate, reliable and easy to use

Brainerd, MN‘The TankScan® remote level-monitoring system gathers tank-level data via micropower impulse radar (MIR), a low-power radar system utilizing very short electromagnetic pulses across a wide band of frequencies. Because the technology requires no moving parts or high-tech materials, TankScan systems are reliable and extremely cost-effective. Battery power ensures the measurement device is intrinsically safe and suitable for use with petroleum products and chemicals, including combustible liquids.


Mounted on top of above- or below-ground tanks, TankScan sensors generate low-energy electromagnetic impulses that travel down a thin probe immersed in the fluid. The MIR monitor can be used in tanks up to 40 feet high, with no limitations on tank width or volume. The wide-wire separation technology improves level-reading accuracy because it is unaffected by vapors that may be present in the tank. Level measurement is accurate to within .3″ or .5% of probe length.


‘TankScan was built to be a reliable solution that can be installed easily and integrated into almost any liquid storage application,” said Kurt Carpenter, TankScan product manager. TankScan systems can monitor levels of multiple tanks and send data without any need for wires or cables, allowing monitoring of even the most remote sites. ‘With data gathered by the TankScan system’s unique measurement technology, users have an accurate, real-time picture of their inventory position that helps eliminate costly run-outs.” said Carpenter. ‘This clear inventory/demand picture also translates into lower costs for distributors and better service for their customers.”


In addition to the MIR monitor, TankScan includes a receiver/controller unit and a data-management software package.  Using an RF link, the MIR monitor can transmit data over 1000 feet to the controller, which is capable of managing information from over 30 monitors. After collecting tank-level data, the controller can send the information through an analog phone line, cellular/satellite modem, Ethernet connection, or directly to a PC using a USB port. Data can be presented and interpreted either by software locally installed in an individual computer system or on the Internet from any computer with internet access.

TankScan is a product of ATEK, manufacturer of a wide range of solutions for industrial and commercial applications. For more information about MIR sensing technology and TankScan remote monitoring systems, call Kurt Carpenter at 218-828-6615 or visit www.TankScan.com.

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