Five Ways to Cut Operational Costs



DALLAS, TX ‘ April 6, 2010 ‘ The fastest, easiest path to reducing an organization’s operational costs is to upgrade its buildings’ HVAC systems. Improvements to commercial heating, cooling and ventilation equipment provide both immediate and long-term benefits, including lower energy bills, fewer service calls and less downtime. These savings can be significant, but the key to achieving them is system verification ‘ proof that the system is providing the benefits it was designed for and working the way it should.


Lennox Industries presents five steps below ‘ any of which can reduce operational costs painlessly. Taken together, all five will control operational costs dramatically for now and for years to come:


Choose a simplified wiring system and an easy-to-navigate controller. Streamlined wiring with connectors that fit together correctly reduces installation hours and helps eliminate delays on the job site. Plus, units that are easier to install ‘ featuring unit controllers with push buttons instead of dip switches and text displays rather than codes, for example ‘ can help ensure high-efficiency systems reach the energy efficiency levels they’re designed to achieve.


Selecting equipment with keyed connectors that are color-coded and labeled is one way to provide a three-pronged approach to verifying that field sensors and other components were set up correctly at installation.


Buy equipment with the highest energy efficiency rating you can find. As much as half of the energy used by a commercial building is consumed by its HVAC system: Replacing an older rooftop unit with a new, high-efficiency model can reduce utility bills by hundreds of dollars per unit. Light commercial units such as the Energence

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