Taco’s new ‘Hot-Link” System, Ideal for Hot Water Recirc Retrofit




Taco has released the Hot-Link system for hot water recirculation, ideally suited as a retrofit solution for homes without a dedicated return line.  The Hot-Link system includes a composite bypass valve and a stainless steel circulator with a timer and line cord.  The one-pump, one-valve combo is easily installed and does away with the need to run a dedicated return line back to the water heater.  


The Hot Link technology eliminates the wait for hot water, and the wasting of thousands of gallons of water down the drain while waiting for hot water to arrive.  The system provides greater convenience and comfort, delivering hot water in an instant.  Hot-Link conserves water, energy and cash. 


The timer on the pump enhances its energy efficiency during evening and mid-day downtime.  Hot-Link begins working when the timer-activated pump, which can be conveniently installed at the water heater, pushes hot water toward a one-way Hot-Link bypass valve beneath the furthest fixture in the house.  The Hot-Link valve acts as a sort of a draw bridge between the hot and cold water supply lines.  As long as the water in the hot line remains cold, the valve stays open and the cold water is sent back to the water heater through the cold water line.  But when incoming water reaches approximately 100°F, the Hot-Link valve closes.  Hot water is delivered immediately when any tap is turned on in the house.


Without hot water recirculation, waiting for hot water to reach faucets or showerheads could take 2 to 3 minutes and can easily waste 15,000 gallons a year per household in the U.S. 


Taco is committed to technology and products which reduce waste, save energy, conserve water and have an overall beneficial impact to the environment.  The Hot-Link system is just one of the many products Taco offers to make this world a little greener.


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