DESTWIN Names Taylor Hudson Vice-President of Sales



MONROE, Connecticut; August 16, 2010 – Destwin, LLC, the developer of the DESTWIN Fuel Dealer SolutionTM,

has named Taylor Hudson as its new Vice President of Sales. Mr. Hudson, who was previously a Senior Account

Executive at Hedge Solutions, will be in charge of direct sales efforts for the DESTWIN Fuel Dealer Solution,


Taylor Hudson has had a career in commodities. He came to the oil industry in 2001 from the M&M/Mars

Company to join Hedge Solutions. He previously graduated Virginia Tech with both a B.S. and M.S. in applied

economics, focusing on commodity market analysis and price forecasting. His focus has been derivative

strategies, market research, and educational programs about petroleum “hedging.”

Mr. Hudson was instrumental in developing Hedge Insite, a software tool that lets fuel dealers model market

scenarios to analyze the impact of changing market conditions on their business. Destwin, LLC has an

agreement with Hedge Insite, LLC to provide and support HEDGE INSITE on the DESTWIN platform, and

include it as an integral part of the DESTWIN Fuel Dealer Solution.

“We have worked closely with Taylor during the integration of HEDGE INSITE into the DESTWIN Fuel Dealer

Solution, and his knowledge and expertise have been instrumental not only in that effort, but in improving the

DESTWIN Fuel Dealer Solution to meet the needs of the industry,” noted Bill West, President of Destwin, LLC.

“Bringing Taylor on board so he can focus his efforts on sales of the Fuel Dealer Solution including HEDGE

INSITE will greatly benefit both DESTWIN and our customers.”

Destwin, LLC ( ) delivers business solutions that provide businesses with modern web

and e-commerce capabilities, and integrate data from multiple sources to provide customer facing interactive

websites along with internal applications that allow companies to operate more efficiently and provide additional

products and services to their customers. The DESTWIN Fuel Dealer Solution is a vertical application built on

the DESTWIN platform designed to meet the specific requirements of energy retailers and wholesalers.

Hedge Solutions ( ) is a risk management consulting company, advising clients

on hedging, purchasing and marketing strategies to grow and safeguard their businesses. Established in 1993,

Hedge Solutions provides price risk management and profit improvement strategies for energy clients throughout

the United States. Satisfied clients include Heating Oil Retailers, Propane Distributors, Gasoline Dealers,

Purchasing Cooperatives, Convenience Stores, Agricultural Industry Suppliers, Diesel Dealers, Municipalities,

and Commercial Users.

Hedge Insite, LLC ( ) was formed by a team of energy industry veterans to develop

HEDGE INSITE, a revolutionary tool that empowers marketers to reclaim control of their margins. The team has

extensive experience in each of the disciplines critical to succeeding in today’s energy marketplace. These

include hedging, financial controls, technology and software systems. HEDGE INSITE is currently provided to

marketers under license as part of the DESTWIN Fuel Dealer Solution.

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