Technology and Risk Management Move Closer: Angus Energy and Technology Assistance Group (TAG)


October 15th, 2010’Angus Energy announced the strategic acquisition of Technology Assistance Group (TAG).  Angus Energy, the industry leader in risk management services and TAG, the recognized leader in business intelligence reporting, are leveraging their resources to bring the benefits of better information and better processes to the petroleum distribution industry.


Phil Baratz, President of Angus Energy said, ‘Over a year ago I was introduced to Bob Levins of TAG and I was immediately impressed by the technology they have and the vision they are pursuing. The more I learned about TAG, the more I realized how important it is for our industry to have access to more timely and accurate information.  I think our industry as whole has been slow to embrace the technology that is commonplace elsewhere.  Combining the large Angus customer base and the TAG solution opens the door to greater efficiency in petroleum distribution.”


Bob Levins, President of TAG said, ‘Although existing systems produce voluminous operational reports, executives in this fast-paced market continue to make their decisions with scarce, disorganized or non-existent management reporting. We at TAG have developed technology to pull it all together, converting multiple sources of business data into timely, personalized and actionable information. In Angus Energy we have found a partner to move this process along faster than we were able to do independently.”


Angus Energy began providing hedging services in 1991. Since then, we have grown steadily, and now count over 600 energy companies as clients. We were founded to help oil companies offer capped prices to their customers, but we now offer a diverse range of products and services, each customized to the needs and locations of our clients.

Our clients, in over 20 states, represent local heating oil and propane distributors, owners of chains of gas stations, national trucking companies, real estate management companies and municipalities. We offer price protection on heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, gasoline, heavy oils, and natural gas. In addition, we help manage volumetric risk with weather hedges for distributors and end-users.


Technology Assistance Group (TAG), recently voted #1 New Business Solution at the 2010 AREE Show by Fuel Oil News,  has been supplying business performance management solutions to all verticals of the downstream petroleum industry since 2000.  Feature-rich business intelligence database, dashboard and reporting tools are coupled with our team’s knowledge and understanding of the industry’s best practices. TAG products result in better operational efficiencies and higher margins for those companies that understand and take advantage of the value provided through timely and accurate information. TAG solutions allow a company to gain a competitive edge through informed decision making, improved operational efficiencies and enhanced strategic communications throughout the organization, providing the structure of performance disciplines necessary to thrive in this market.


For more information please contact Ally Apostolis at (954)-564-7500


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