Taco Rolls Out Two New Video Series for Viewing At The Taco Youtube Channel

Taco has produced two new short video series available for viewing at Taco’s YouTube.com channel. One series features Taco President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr. discussing aspects of the company’s past, present and future. The other series has Taco Executive Vice President Chris Integlia discussing Taco’s involvement and commitment to sustainable operations and practices.


Johnny White’s six videos cover the following subjects: The importance of Made in America, Taco’s 90 year history, Taco’s energy efficient Smart products designed and built for the American HVAC market, quality assurance at Taco, and the company’s ambitious building expansion project.


Chris Integlia’s seven-part video series on sustainability covers such topics as putting theory into practice at Taco with sustainable operations  and methods, energy efficient Taco Green products like LoadMatch® and the LOFlo

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