PipeBurst Pro Jr.

Homes are packed with more appliances than ever and many feature some sort of ‘water usage” inside them. This exposure vastly increases the risk of a domestic water leak. Combine that with the fact that each of these appliances are under continuous pressure to be manufactured at an ever lower cost to satisfy the public, you begin to see how a perfect storm is developing for a significant number of disastrous water damaging events that can happen inside the home. PipeBurst Pro Jr. provides the highest quality clean water domestic flood detection and prevention solution available in the market today. Leaks, of all types and sizes, are common and if allowed to continue can cause extensive damage and severe property loss. PipeBurst Pro Jr. combines a unique design using high tech sensors and proprietary control components which offer flexibility, proven dependability, and lasting value. The system is easy to install.

PipeBurstPro — www.PipeBurstPro.com

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