Honeywell Announces Voluntary Recall of Electric Baseboard and Fan Heater Thermostats

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in Canada, Honeywell today announced the voluntary recall of certain electric baseboard and fan heater thermostats (model numbers T4700, CT1950 and CT1957) sold from 2000 to 2007 under the Honeywell and Cadet brand names. The thermostat contains a relay used to turn on the electric baseboard or fan heater that may not function properly, causing the thermostat to overheat. 


Honeywell has sold over 77,000 T4700, CT1950 and CT1957 electric baseboard and fan heater thermostats in the US and about 240,000 in Canada. Honeywell received 16 reports of thermostats melting. There have been no reports of injuries.


Distributors, Contractors and Consumers who have sold, installed or are still using one  of these should contact a Honeywell Customer Care representative at 888-235-7363 or visit for additional instructions on how to receive free replacement products.

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