DP-702LH Differential Air Pressure Sensor Board

There’s a trade-off between range and low-end resolution with commercially available ‘P sensors. For many Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), Industrial Hygiene (IH) or other applications, extremely low-end ‘P resolution is critical, yet a wide measurement range is highly desirable. GrayWolf solves this by incorporating a 250.0 Pa (1.000 inches H2O) range sensor and a 10KPa (40.0 inches H2O) sensor on the same board and then smoothly auto-ranging from one sensor to the other dependent on the detected pressures. A further issue for low-end measurements, such as determining pollutant pathways, is that sensor drift at these tiny pressures may be significant over a matter of only minutes. Most low range digital manometers include a manual zeroing button to depress in open air ahead of each reading. But for long-term monitoring, the manometer must re-zero automatically in order for the readings to be reliable over time. The DP-702LH board does exactly this, auto-zeroing both sensors every 2 minutes.

This combination of unequaled low-end sensitivity, and wide-range measurement capability, makes the DP-702LH ideal for applications including:

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