HOUSTON, TX ‘ The RectorSeal Corporation, a Houston-based manufacturer of specialty products and tools for the HVAC industry, has expanded its line of patented

Safe-T-Switch® condensate overflow control switches with two new models, SS103E and 500EP. These electronic switches are reliable, easy to install and are code compliant.

As with all Safe-T-Switches®, the new models are designed for use in new or retrofit applications to protect home and commercial building owners from costly damage due to condensate overflow. The new electronic condensate overflow switch contains a low power consuming, state-of-the-art microelectronics. The A/C units will stop when the probes detect water. They offer A/C specialists an easy way to insure customer satisfaction and reduce potential liability.

The new SS103E switch can be installed horizontally or vertically, inline or on the primary pans auxiliary drain outlet and the secondary overflow pan. The dual sensor control provides added protection with the simplicity of installing a single device. The logic circuit continuously samples the probes for water. Onboard LED’s indicate the condition of the unit at a glance indicating an overflow condition currently or in the past 4 days. The SS103E is listed to UL 508.

The SS500EP is a plenum rated switch for installation on primary or secondary drain pans. The small, easy to use bracket fits perfectly in commercial roof top units. The simple 2-wire design is a state-of-the-art microelectronics that uses less energy. As with the SS103E, the onboard LED indicator removes the guess work on the condition of the unit. This switch is listed to UL 508 and UL 2043.

These new switches and all other Safe-T-Switch® models are easy to install with a simple 2-wire design and are now available through Rectorseal’s nationwide distribution network. For more information, contact RectorSeal Customer Service at 1-800-231-3345 or visit the company on the web at

Founded in 1937, The RectorSeal Corporation is a leading manufacturer of chemical and specialty products designed for professional tradesmen. Steady growth over the years has been maintained through a commitment to providing high quality products and services. With a diversified business strategy, RectorSeal® aggressively pursues new and unique technologies to serve the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical and construction industries. The RectorSeal Corporation is devoted to providing innovative quality products supported by strong customer and technical service.


2601 Spenwick Drive, Houston, Texas 77055

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