Taco’s New 0015 3-Speed Pump Line, ready for Heavy Duty


Taco’s new heavy-duty 0015-IFC 3-Speed Pump is ideal for medium-sized hydronic systems where installers require maximum reliability and versatility. The 0015’s powerful, high performance motor and durable 3-speed switch give it ‘heavy duty” status. With the highest starting torque in its class, this circulator delivers the performance and fine-tuning capabilities sure to satisfy the requirements for the most demanding hydronics systems.


Taco’s 0015 is specifically designed for a wide range of flow and head requirements. Its 3-Speed switching capability matches it ideally to a wide combination of tube diameters and run length.


The circulators are offered with in-line or rotated flange orientation and include a removable, uni-body Integral Flow Check (IFC) that prevents gravity flow, reduces installation costs and improves pump performance. The 0015 is available in cast iron and stainless steel for use with open, fresh water systems.


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