We are proud to announce that effective May 22, 2012, Measurement Technology Group, Inc. has purchased the assets of Itron’s Greenwood,South Carolina facility that manufactures Neptune brand measurement systems, and will be doing business as Red Seal Measurement. As part of the asset purchase, the Greenwoodplant will remain the world-wide headquarters for production, sales, and support of Neptune liquid measurement products.

This acquisition represents a significant commitment to meet the need for advanced flowmeters and electronic monitoring devices for the dynamic industrial and energy markets. Neptune brand flowmeters are used in industrial processes and at all stages of the delivery chain for petroleum and LPG products, from the refinery to home delivery, and have an established reputation for accuracy and dependability spanning decades.

As the world’s demand for energy escalates, the availability of reliable, precision metering is essential for conserving and sustaining our resources. The Neptune RML2000 was the first truck-mounted mass flow system for LPG, a green energy source with the lowest carbon footprint of any refined fuel. These all-electronic metering systems deliver unsurpassed accuracy while requiring virtually no maintenance.

All financial transactions will now be handled out of the Greenwoodfacility. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Chuck Strawn, General Manager, at 864-942-2200.

1310 Emerald Rd.

Greenwood, SC 29646


864.223.0341 (fax)


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