FUEL OIL NEWS 2012 New Vendor Awards

New blood drives opportunity and innovation in any industry. Fuel Oil News created its New Vendor Awards to highlight companies that are fresh entrants in providing new products and services to our industry. These companies have seen a need and feel that they can provide fuel dealers and marketers with their version of a better ‘mousetrap.”

The criterion used to identify these companies is participation as a new exhibitor at one of the major, industry focused trade shows during the year. This year, those shows were the Atlantic Regional Energy Expo and the Oil & Energy Service Professionals Convention and Trade Show. Next year it will include the New England Fuel Institute which is bi-annual.

The New Vendor Awards will be presented in three classes, as available each year:


1. Fuel Handling and Storage. These companies provide solutions relative to the fuel (oil, propane, wood pellets, etc.) product and include: bulk plants; trucks; truck tanks and truck equipment; hedging solutions; additives; filters; home storage tanks ‘ etc. Unfortunately, there were no viable entrants in this category this year.


2. Heating Appliances and Combustion Technologies. These companies provide boilers; furnaces; hot water heaters; solar and other alternative solutions; hydronic solutions; warm air solutions; and burners and combustion components.


3. Business Solutions. These are typically home office and operational solutions. They would include back office software vendors; accounting and other professional service providers; environmental service providers; business forms and related; and HR solutions.


The winners were selected by a panel of three judges, with a range of industry experience and perspective. This year’s panel:


Charles Bursey began working for an oil company in Jamestown RI industry in 1963 after he was discharged from the military. He worked in service management for a number of companies. He currently works for industry manufacturer F.W. Webb, Warwick, R.I., and serves as a service columnist for this magazine. 

Bob Harriett is the president of Harriett’s Energy Solutions, a third generation provider of energy related, climate control services to homes and businesses in the Medford, N.J. area.

Shane Sweet is in management with a major Northeast fuel marketer and has served the industry as CEO of New England Fuel Institute and executive vice president/director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association.  He lives in Manchester Center, Vermont. 


Obviously, there will be a lot of ‘apples to oranges” comparisons between the different solution providers being highlighted. Therefore, the judges were asked to make their rankings based on how much general interest each company description generated. For example, did the company seem to address an underserved need? How important is the service or product offering? If you had read the description in a trade show directory would you be more inclined to make a special effort to stop by the company’s booth?


And now, on to the Awards.


Heating Appliances and Combustion Technologies. These companies provide boilers; furnaces; hot water heaters; solar and other alternative solutions; hydronic solutions; warm air solutions; and burners and combustion components.



nrgMax (A division of Bob Tonner Applied Research Inc.)  is a manufacturer of controls systems for HVAC systems headquartered in Pickering near Toronto, Canada. We developed the The nrgMax 9103i ‘ a feature-rich control designed to meet the needs of modern energy-efficient oil furnaces while still offering backwards compatibility with legacy products.

Mounting in the industry-standard footprint with familiar layout and connections, this high quality design meets the needs of an entire industry sector. It eliminates the need for additional controls to accommodate Riello burners and offers an array of variable speed options to suit any requirement.

The control is suitable for use with PSC motors and ECM motors. ECM motors can be controlled in the common ‘thermostat-mode” or with other innovative and optional methods. PSC motors are controlled with traditional heavy-duty relay outputs, but can also be controlled in a variable speed method using the optional low-cost plug-in adaptor.

Using state-of-the-art schematic capture and printed circuit CAD software we start with a clean sheet of paper and design from the ground up, and all circuit design is completed in-house with no sub-contracting to low-cost countries, which has become the industry norm. Particular attention to safety, reliability and cost are cornerstones of our research.



12-1064 Salk Rd.

Pickering, ON

L1W 4B5

Phone: (289) 800-7131



Pellergy LLC

Pellergy LLC, a Vermont manufacturer of wood pellet burners, boilers and bulk-storage units, has teamed up with a manufacturer in Finland and secured the exclusive North American manufacturing rights to its burner systems-systems that Pellergy manufactures wholly in America, mostly in Vermont.  Unlike solar and wind power, Pellergy’s wood pellet heating systems work using proven, familiar combustion principles. Years of Pellergy testing and further years of residential utilization in Northern Europe have established the reliability of Pellergy’s systems. Pellergy trains local home-heating companies’ technicians to install and service wood pellet central heating systems and supports them with, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, live-person technical support. We have a readily accessible team of technical experts that know every aspect of our system. Because there is very little standardization in today’s wood pellet home-heating world installers are trained to meet customers’ frequent need for a custom or semi-custom design and installation. Pellergy’s factory-trained-and-certified installers must have all the required state or municipal licenses.

Pellergy LLC

157 Pioneer Center, Suite 1

Montpelier, VT 05602

Phone: (802) 371-0098



Business Solutions. These are typically home office and operational solutions. They would include back office software vendors; accounting and other professional service providers; environmental service providers; business forms and related; and HR solutions.


Brownfield Science & Technology Inc.

Brownfield Science & Technology Inc. is an earth sciences company specializing in environmental assessment, remediation, and consulting services for public and private clients. Proven over decades, we offer the intimacy and responsiveness of a small company while providing the expertise expected of a larger firm. We charge fairly for our services and always strive to deliver the highest possible value to our clients.

BSTI provides services nationwide, but our primary geographic coverage is the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. We service these markets through our two primary offices located in southeastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey.

Brownfield Science & Technology Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Region & Headquarters

3157 Limestone Road

Cochranville, PA 19330

Phone: (610) 593-5500



Degree Days Online

The Degree Days Online website is designed to providing fuel oil and propane delivery companies with an easy to use application to help with managing customers, deliveries and degree-day based schedules.  We are also shortly offering Julian Date scheduling as well.

Our service is an online, Web-based subscription service that provides many benefits that traditional PC installed software does not. To see our day-to-day operations site, please visit our “How it Works” page and watch our quick introduction video at <i>www.degreedaysonline.com</i>. Here are some of our features and benefits:

Instant Access from any PC or Mac with an Internet Connection
Automatic Degree Day Logging based on your Zip Code
Delivery Ticket Printing
QuickBooks Integration (pending Intuit Security Review)
Mobile Website for Smartphone access to your data
No Installation Headaches, it’s Internet based
No Hardware Requirements (except for Internet Access)
Secured Data, only you (and anyone you designate) can see your
company info
Automatic Nightly Backups
Automatic Software Upgrades (no disks to install)
Low start-up costs (just $49.95 a month for most companies)

Email: support@degreedaysonline.com or bill@degreedaysonline.com



Eastern Insurance Group

Eastern Insurance Group is the one of largest insurance agencies in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  For over 30 years, Eastern Insurance Group has viewed our clients as partners for the future.  Eastern’s philosophy is to foster a culture of business practices that emphasize service as the primary factor of Eastern’s Mission, Vision and Values.  Eastern Insurance Group employs over 50 talented insurance professionals who focus on conducting business within the highest professional standards for honesty, integrity and trust.  Each employee of Eastern strives to consistently understand and exceed the expectations of their entire customer base.

Eastern Insurance Group offers a full suite of commercial and personal, property and casualty products, as well as Life, Health and Investments. Eastern Insurance group is committed to helping our clients grow their businesses.  As the gas industry began to expand in our area we saw an opportunity for our clients. We spend a great deal of time working closely with energy companies to understand their requirements in regards to safety and risk management. 

Eastern Insurance Group

613 Baltimore Drive

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-7980

Phone:  (570) 819-2000



Pure Soil

Pure Soil Technologies is New Jersey’s leading recycling company for non-hazardous, petroleum contaminated soil, broken concrete, broken asphalt, brick, rock and block, as well as asphalt roofing shingles.  In operation since 1991, we have built a model of sustainability unparalleled in the New Jersey recycling industry. 

Our unique business model, which includes equipment and expertise in crushing, screening, aggregate manufacturing, earth moving and transportation, makes Pure Soil the area’s leading turnkey recycling company. Our philosophy is based on quality, efficiency and integrity.  Pure Soil is a provider of leading quality products and services

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