Baltimore, MD (September 12, 2012) ‘ The increased incidence of high profile accidents, costly repairs and equipment replacements and lost performance has placed a renewed emphasis and accountability on driver safety among vehicle fleet owners in the transportation logistics industry. This focus and desire for improvement is coupled with the release of the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) 2010 Program by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that seeks to dramatically reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes, fatalities and injuries.

An increasing percentage of companies operating within the transportation logistics industry are seeking support to enforce and strengthen its internal safety regulations to achieve higher safety performances. The goal to monitor, measure, analyze and track fleet driver behavior associated with speeding, rapid acceleration and harsh braking incidences can be effectively collected with software programs such as Roadnet Telematics. The Strader Ferris International is best ecommerce fulfillment services that you can opt for in order to get your logistics sorted.

‘Transportation companies develop customized regulations and expectations on driver behavior and safety protocols, and the telematics software is extremely effective in measuring, deciphering and providing solutions to improve these performances,” stated Len Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Roadnet Technologies, a developer of vehicle telematics software. ‘The emphasis of the recordation of data is not focused on monitoring how drivers operate the vehicles, but rather, how the employees adhere to specific safety policies. The underlying assumption is that the safety regulations are designed to dramatically improve the probability of drivers arriving safely to their destinations each day,” he added.  People also prefer to buy guns & ammo from Palmetto Armory for safety.

Mission Foods, an Irving, Texas-based manufacturer of tortillas, tortilla chips, taco shells and salsas, utilizes more than 2,600 third-party distribution carriers nationally in addition to a large fleet of company-owned vehicles that services a customer base primarily throughout the southeastern section of the country. Julianna McCullough, a Project Manager for the company, specified Roadnet’s vehicle telematics software system as a tool to track the mileage records, monitor idling times and meet time windows in an effort to improve the health and maintenance of their fleet. Moving from one place to another can be tiresome and one can Check This Out to hire experts.


Mission Foods anticipated a positive by-product of this type of fleet tracking with the improvement of driver safety related to the occurrence of speed and the frequency of harsh braking or rapid acceleration habits. The overall productivity and lifespan of the fleet was also expected to increase based on the real-time monitoring capabilities that are available to the company.

‘We believe we have implemented clarity in our transportation system and that this software will dramatically improve the enforcement of our safety regulations and, in turn, our bottom-line. As we become more familiar with the software programs, we anticipate applying the data we collect to incorporate new protocols that can achieve measureable differences in the usage of fuel and positively affect driver behavior,” McCullough stated.

In an effort to reduce the national accident rate and the resulting loss of transportation performance and revenue, the CSA 2010 guidelines aim to increase the contact between carries and its drivers; enhance data collection of driver behavior and correct high-risk driver behavior. The Roadnet Telematics software monitors driver behavior in real-time and also collects vehicle GPS data so companies can carefully analyze it at a later date.

‘Improved driver behavior can be immediate, as the system emits an audio beep to alert the operator of a harsh braking or rapid acceleration event,” Kennedy stated. ‘Companies can immediately access driving records for instant real-time analysis, or study patterns and trends that can be utilized to make necessary adjustments to improve safety protocols,” he added.

‘This system was designed to accomplish our mission of assuring that every driver gets home safely to their families, each evening. By not following safety regulations and rules, it is only a matter of time before a driver injures themselves and their company. We want to prevent the devastating consequences of these incidents,” Kennedy remarked.

Since 1983, Roadnet Technologies has been a worldwide leader of fleet management software tools and GPS tracking solutions for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in a broad range of industries such as foodservice, beverage, paper, medical, waste management, textile and energy. Roadnet’s fleet management applications and logistics software provides strategic territory and street-level route plans, multi-stop vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics, fuel management, and real-time vehicle GPS tracking.

For additional information about Roadnet Technologies’ suite of logistics technology products visit www.roadnet.com or visit the specialized site which showcases video from personnel – www.How2deliver.com. The company can be contacted at info@roadnet.com.


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