Brewster, NY, October 15, 2012 ‘ Matco-Norca offers a range of Radiator Heating Valves constructed with brass and bronze bodies. All of Matco’s radiator valves are produced in ISO 9002 factories.


Available Matco-Norca gate valves include brass SGV radiator supply valves and bronze steam radiator BSGV valves with connections x male unions. Both SGV and BSGV valves have a working steam pressure of 125-200 WOG maximum steam pressure. Sizes range from 1″ up to 1 1/4″ for SGV valves and ¾” up to 1 ½” for BSGV valves. 


Steam radiator angle valves include heavy pattern bronze BARV valves and heavy pattern brass BARVY valves, again with female iron pipe connections x male unions. BARV and BARVY valves have a working steam pressure of 15-60 WOG maximum steam pressure. Sizes range from ½” up to 1 12″ for BARV valves and ½” up to 2″ for BARVY valves.


All of Matco-Norca’s Steam Radiator Valves come with a nut and tailpiece.


For more product and specification information on Matco-Norca’s Steam Radiator Valves, visit the www.matco-norca and click on Valves. 



About Matco-Norca

Matco-Norca, headquartered in Brewster, NY, is a leading supplier of code-compliant Plumbing, PVF, Waterworks and Irrigation products for use in residential, commercial and industrial installations. In business over 50 years, Matco-Norca operates four national distribution centers and eight regional warehouses.


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