US Energy Group Launches Latest Money-Saving Tool

Fresh Meadows, NY: US Energy Group announces the launch of a comprehensive metering solution that monitors and reports real-time consumption of water, gas, oil and electric. The tool works via the USE-Tracker module in USE Manager, the online information hub of US Energy Group’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS).


The advanced metering solution collects information from meters in the building and from utility bills. It reduces operating costs by detecting costly water leaks immediately, rather than owners and managers discovering them on the water bill a month later. In larger buildings, this difference in detection time can amount to several thousand dollars saved within the month. Additionally, the system can pinpoint oil and/or gas consumption abnormalities, facilitating heat balancing of the building and identifying service work that is necessary. A building can be tracked across heating seasons to identify changes from year-to-year, and it can be compared to other buildings in the portfolio to detect underperformance. Analysis of the common-area electric usage also leads to more cost-effective choices in lighting and centralized appliances. The data also indicates when it is financially appropriate to shift from frontage to usage billing.


‘This advanced energy and water management online dashboard provides a central location for owners and managers to view their utility usage in real-time,” stated David Unger, Chief Operating Officer of US Energy Group. ‘They can run analyses, chart discrepancies and save money ‘ all of the information they need is in one location.”


The USE Tracker also features real-time alerts that proactively notify owners and managers of important water and energy issues that need immediate attention. An undetected water leak can drain money for years before it is detected, but with the USE Tracker, these issues are detected and resolved immediately.


‘This metering solution is like preventative medicine for the building,” stated Jerry Pindus, Chief Executive Officer of US Energy Group. ‘When water and energy issues go undetected, it is almost like a disease that slowly deteriorates the building. With USE Tracker, the building gets a check-up each day and stays at peak operating condition.”


The USE Tracker also includes charting and graphing tools, so that the data can be formatted into visual displays, making both simple and complex analyses easy to understand. This makes it easier to communicate with maintenance companies and make informed decisions on service work. 


The metering solution is available as a comprehensive package for all energy and water data, and also can be purchased individually for a particular utility. For more information on US Energy Group’s Building Energy Management System, including estimates for the utility metering through USE Tracker, call (718) 380-1004, email or visit

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Founded in 1978 by CEO Jerry Pindus, US Energy Group is a metro-New York based building energy management solutions firm, which develops and integrates energy control, monitoring and analysis hardware and software systems for large residential and commercial properties. With the slogan ‘Building Efficiency Through Information Management,” the company’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) integrates: USE-Manager

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