Two NEW Solutions for Combustion Analysis




Testo’s new analyzers provide HVAC/R and Building Performance Contractors, Home Inspectors, Energy Auditors and Raters alike with better combustion analysis at a great price.


The testo 310 is a fully featured analyzer that provides all the measurements needed whether you need to perform Carbon Monoxide (CO) tests, maintenance or safety checks or to install new combustion systems. Use it for accurate heating adjustments so you can get it right the first time, every time.


The new testo 320 is built for the contractor who expects more! Use it for basic testing and tuning of all types of boilers, heaters or furnaces. Or use it to set up and commission more complex multi-stage or modulating heating systems. Combustion analysis, draft, temperature, pressure, combustion efficiency and a host of other calculations and functions, all shown in high definition vivid color.


Testo 310 – Fully Featured, Priced Right

The most affordable testo yet!
Kink-resistant, integrated hose eliminates leaks
Six fuel flexibility
Save money with long lasting, high range sensors 
Features draft, pressure and NOx filter standard
O2,CO, CO2, ex air, combustion efficiency
Ready to use in 30 seconds!

See two video overviews of the Testo 310

Basic Features



Additional Features


Test 320 – High Def & Heavy Duty   

Store up to 500 tests in the on board memory
Ultimate testing flexibility with optional probes 
Field replaceable sensors & easy update of firmware
Features Hi-def color graphic display
NOx filter standard on CO Sensor
20 pre-programmed fuels & user-programmable fuel codes
EasyHeat data management software available.


Now on Sale at TruTech Tools,

 Including Free Shipping!


 testo 310      testo 310 with printer      testo 320      testo 320 with printer



Or Call Eric or Josh at  1 888 224 3437 


What About the Testo 327?  

The testo 327 was discontinued as of October 1, 2012. The testo 320 is the replacement for the 327 and adds more capabilities and features at a very competitive price.  The testo 310 breaks ground in a new price and features category for Testo in residential combustion analysis. Both meet the demands of today’s technicians.  


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