Testo Announces Combustion Analyzer Fall Promotion

(August 19, 2013; Sparta, NJ) –  Testo is excited to announce a special combustion analyzer promotion for the fall season.

Testo and Veto Pro Pac have teamed up to offer HVAC technicians a premium offer at a great value. When a technician purchases any Testo combustion analyzer kit, they will receive a Veto tool bag free.

‘Testo’s combustion analyzers and Veto tool bags are well recognized industry leaders,” Craig McKim, Combustion Product Manager said. ‘Together they will provide a high quality combustion analyzer and a quality purpose-built tool bag.”

When a technician purchases a testo 320 combustion analyzer kit, they will receive a Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC bag free.

The testo 320 is a professional-level instrument for residential and commercial boiler/burner tune-ups, service and maintenance. It features a vivid hi-def color graphic display for easy-to-read measurements. Use the 320 to measure O2, CO, CO2, combustion efficiency, excess air, draft, pressure, and differential temperature. The testo 320 also features two gas sensors and a variety of different probe choices which helps minimize the number of instruments necessary to take in the field.

The LECH-LC bag has been made to accommodate HVAC service technicians’ tools and work routines. It sports 53 pockets and eight small neoprene pockets, providing ample room for everything an HVAC technician needs at the job site.

When a technician purchases a testo 310 combustion analyzer kit, they will receive a Veto Pro Pac MB bag free.

The testo 310 represents a new class of instruments for Testo that combines German engineering at an introductory-level price class. The testo 310 is a rugged, yet lightweight, residential combustion analyzer designed to measure O2 and CO and comes with a NOx filter standard, draft, ambient CO and pressure. Readings are displayed on a large, back-lit multi-line display.

The MB is a clip-on bag and features 10 pockets of various sizes that will accommodate a number of the most commonly used tools to diagnose and repair problems on service calls.

Both the testo 310 and the testo 320 are ready to measure in 30 seconds with a convenient auto-zero function and an integrated magnet back for hands-free operation. The robust housing, ergonomic design, and rechargeable battery make both the 310 and 320 easy to use for combustion tuning and analysis. Both instruments have kit options that can include an infrared printer with 10-year legibility thermal paper.

Visit www.testoUSA.com/combustion for more information about the testo 310, the testo 320, and the fall promotion partnership with Veto Pro Pac.

Testo is a leading worldwide manufacturer of handheld test and measurement instruments for emission and combustion, temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, and thermal imaging.

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