Fitch Fuel Catalyst announces recent report from the University of Connecticut Research Institute

The University of Connecticut has announced the completion of a series of experiments studying and measuring the ability of a novel catalyst to constructively modify commercial gasoline and diesel fuel.

‘This catalyst has the ability to selectively remove hydrogen and or add oxygen to hydrocarbon components of fuel,” said said Dr. Steven Suib, chair of the University of Connecticut’s chemistry department. ‘The catalyst demonstrated the ability to produce reformed fuel species at room temperature which is novel and provides evidence these catalysts are broadly applicable in fuel applications.” This also includes heating oil.

Suib added this catalysis ‘leads to enhanced combustion from the hydrocarbon fuel feedstock.”

This catalyst is marketed under the brand names Fitch Fuel Catalyst, GOSaver and Walker Fuel Sep.  Uconn research was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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